Victory Christian Academy Online High School

Our Students


1)  Want a Christian/Faith-based Environment 

2)  Have a desire to learn and are willing to fulfill the rigorous learning requirements. 

3)  Will respect authority and adhere to our policies.

4) May be Adult Learners or Home School Students.

5) Can have have challenges or other challenges that have affected their education.


Winter 2012

rightalignOur next session begins Feb 1,  2012. 

Registration ends January 15, 2012.

February 1 Classes begin

The classes offered depends on the needs of our students.



Our Classes

imag We use a generalized curriculum.  Although we believe in intelligent design we use books that speak about evolution. 

This is because we want our students to have not only the best education they can and to be marketable in today's competitive job market.   This means they will have to pass standardized tests, which the theory of evolution may be required.  They are in the World, but not of it.

Course Description 

The above link will give you a description of all of the courses we currently offer.



Our Diploma Programs

rightalignYou are not "One Size Fits All".  You were fearfully and wonderfully made by God.  So if you are not created as a one size fits, why should your diploma be? 

You are unique with different interests and ideas.  We try to celebrate that by offering curriculums with concentrations that interest you.

While we please everyone, we have developed educational tracks that we believe will help students when they go to college or have them to obtain employment upon graduation.

The following is a list of our high school educational tracks.  Although not all are offered now, we look forward to offering them for the 2012 school year.



Criminal Justice Emphasis

College Preparatory

Entreprenuership Emphasis

Computer Technology Emphasis

Please click on the link to find out more about each school, classes required and etc. Please note:  In some classes you may need further education or testing in order to advance or gain employment.