Victory Christian Academy Online High School

Technology/Career Diploma


If you are planning on going to college, please take the college prep track.  There may not be enough math to enter college.

Regardless of the curriculum, all of our educational tracks require 24 credit hours in order to graduate.

Classes Credits Required to Graduate
Math 3
English 4
Science 3
Social Studies 3
Bible 2
PE/Health 2
Electives 7


Above are the general requirements need.  If you are on college prep track, you will have to fulfill different requirements.

In addition if you are planning on attending college, please look at your *colleges academic requirements and make sure your classes match the requirements needed for that school.  Each college/university is different and what is required for one may not be required for another. 

If you can handle a heavy course load, we recommend taking more classes than required to assure that you meet your entrance requirements.



* We can not guarentee college placement and assume no liability for classes that do not meet college requirements.