Victory Christian Academy Online High School

About Us


VCA is a non-denominational, private online Christian High School (9-12 only).  We believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We  believe in the Full Bible and as part of our curriculum, daily prayer and bible study is required of students.

Education and the Bible

We feel that it is imperative that Christians live a victorious abundant life.  Our goal is to  merge their educational experience with a biblical teaching to help students to live victoriously in high school and in the future.
Our most successful students are those who can work independently, work online are willing to read a lot and have a love for Jesus Christ.

Who Should Attend

*Home schoolers
*Students with Chronic Illness
*Young Mothers
*Gifted Dropouts
*Adult Learners
*Immigrants who understand speak and understand English



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

rightalignWhat is Victory Christian Academy?

It is an online Christian School that helps people get their High School Diplomas. While you work independently, you do take weekly classes with a live instructor.
Are you Accredited?

Yes, but if you are home schooling you do not have to use the accredited program. 

How Does Your Program Work?
Each class will contain daily assignments for students.  He or she will log in and pick up their assignments. They are accessible 24/7/365 (except for website maintenance times).  Once a week they will have an opportunity to meet with an instructor online.
The instructor is live.  They can see and her the instructor.  The can even see them write on the board.

What Curriculum Do You Use and Is It a Christian Curriculum?
No, we do not use a Christian Curriculum at this time.  We use various ones. This makes it less expensive for our students. Our science classes also teach evolution.  This is in case it is on Standardized Tests. However you are required to take two Bible Classes
When Do Classes Start?
The First Semester starts September (the day after Labor Day) and ends in January.
The Second Semester Starts The 3rd week in January -June. 
This schedule is for live instruction only. You may access your classes anytime after September 2.
Spring/Summer Classes-  Are 12 weeks and run May-July

Do we have to finish by a certain date?

Yes, you will need to finish by the end of the semester.

How Many Students Per Class in the Live Sessions?

We don't count students, we count computers.  We can accommodate 14 computers per class.

May I See a Sample Lesson?

Yes, Sample.  Click here for demo class.  Keep in mind all classes are different.  This may not represent the class you will be taking.
Why are Your Prices So Inexpensive?

1) As a home schooling parent there were classes that my children could not attend because they were too expensive, to far or the gas prices were too high.  That led to having to get "creative" with the kids.  We don't want that for you.  We don't want learning hindered due to price.
2) We are a new program and still working to make our system, compatible with everyone's.  Therefore we offer classes "AS IS". 
What Type of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept debit, visa, mastercard by way of PayPal.
How Often Do We Pay?

You can pay monthly via recurring payment or invoice.  You may cancel at anytime.
Once I Pay What Do I Do Next?

You will be emailed a username and password.  This can take up to 5 business days because it is done manually. 
What is Your Refund Policy?

All sales are final, but you may cancel at anytime.

What Do I need to Be Able to Access the Lessons?

You will need...

*A Broadband internet connection
* A PC (not a mac)
* A headset with Microphone (even if you have speakers they cause feedback)
*Flash player (it's free)
*Acrobat Reader
How the instructor is viewed and how fast will depend on your internet connection. We suggest that you make an appointment to test the system.
Who Tracks the Grades?

We keep all grades and transcripts.

How Can I Be Updated or Get More Information?

You can sign up on the home page of this website to get more information.  Click the link that says "join our email"  then select "Victory Christian".
*Prices quoted and all information listed are subject to change without notice. There a no refunds.  Please check the demo and contact us for a live class demonstration to make sure your system is compatible.